Why Taylor Swift is Good for Girls and Women Everywhere

Artists and influencers have loud and powerful voices in our culture today.  It feels like everywhere we turn, somebody is trying to send us a message (or sell us something). Whether it is positive or negative, it is impossible to not be flooded with images, stories and ideas mostly from people we don’t even know.

If you’ve been without a phone or a computer or a tv (or you’ve been living on a deserted island somewhere), you may have not heard about Taylor Swift’s Era Tour this Summer.  Or maybe you are one of the lucky people who scored a ticket!!

Firstly, it’s impossible to not know who Taylor Swift is.  You may have noticed that she is an artist who is using her influence for good.  Swift’s Eras tour that includes 146 shows across 5 continents stands as a shining example of how the power of music, art and art can contribute to the advancement of the women’s empowerment movement.

I’ve always been a fan of Taylor Swift in almost a motherly kind of way.  Her music has allowed her audience (like me) to watch her grow up.  I love her ability to open herself up and express her experiences through her music.  This, in turn, empowers others to do the same.  The Eras tour, an embodiment of her artistic journey, serves as a celebration of not only her personal growth but also the collective strength and resilience of women worldwide.

Through her music, visuals and stage performances, Swift addresses issues that resonate with women universally, from self-acceptance and body positivity to asserting one’s self in relationships and friendships.

Swift‘s decision to openly discuss her own experiences with misogyny, body image struggles and the pressures of fame encourage a much needed conversation about these issues. By doing so, she not only provides a platform for her fans to relate to her, but also reinforces the idea that women’s stories are important and deserving of attention.

The Eras tour is more than just a musical journey: it’s a communal experience that fosters unity and solidarity among women. Concert attendees find them self in a space where they can sing along to anthems of empowerment, surrounded by thousands of others who share similar sentiments. This collective energy appears to transcend the boundaries of age, race, and background.  There’s a lot of Girl Power here, my friends.  Soak it all in!  It is a terrific demonstration of the power of women coming together to uplift one another.

In a world where girls and women are searching for positive role models, Swift shines as a star who embodies talent, integrity and empowerment.  Her story is inspiring because she started with a dream and a guitar and through hard work, determination and self-belief, became a global superstar. Her music is also a source of comfort for countless individuals who are navigating their way through adolescence. Her lyrics often delve into themes of love, heartbreak, friendship and self discovery. Through her music, Swift encourages young girls to express themselves knowing that their feelings are valid and worthy of being heard.

Beyond her music, Taylor Swift has consistently used her platform to advocate for positive change in the world. From LGBTQ plus rights to speaking out against sexual assault she has shown that being a role model involves using one’s influence to make a difference. Her commitment to social justice inspires young girls to use their voice as well for causes that matter to them.

In a world where positive role models are important for shaping the self-esteem of aspiration of young girls, Taylor Swift stands out as a beacon of inspiration.

Although it was almost impossible to buy a ticket to her concert, the excitement resonated and everyone could appreciate what she brought to the Summer of 2023!

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Written by Linda Martindale

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