How many sessions will I need?

That really depends on you, but most people find that 5-8 sessions are a great start to get you on your path to fulfillment. A second set of 5 sessions is effective if there are multiple things to address. Single session check-ins after that are encouraged and usually very helpful.

What does coaching focus on?

The simple answer is: you. You get to decide the topic each session and we work together to create your goals, how to reach them and when to tackle any obstacles that are in your way.

How is coaching different from therapy?

There is some overlap but therapy traditionally focuses on the past and coaching focuses on the future. We will spend less time on the WHY and more time on the HOW to get what you want.

What are the major benefits of a Life Coach and is it worth it?

Life coaching can only help those who are open to it and willing to change their mindset and/or perspective. Some of the major benefits include better clarity and purpose, improved relationships and strong communication skills. The Institute of Coaching Federation (ICF) conducted a study that shows that 80% of people who hire a life coach reported improved self-confidence and self-worth.

Do you only coach girls and women?

No, several of my clients are male. Issues like performance anxiety, developing better communication skills and resilience strategies are fairly similar across genders.