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Incredible Stories of Resilience in Sports

Tune in weekly to the Game Changers Podcast, where I delve deep into the realms of mental fitness and personal development. Join me on this transformative journey as I explore practical strategies, host insightful discussions with special guests, and learn about inspiring stories to help you unlock your true potential.


donovan williams college basketball player

June 16, 2024

Episode #10

Featuring Donovan Williams

Donovan is a college basketball player who just committed to do his 5th year at Western Michigan University. Prior to that he played at University of Pacific after transferring from Oklahoma State. In high school, Williams was named Nebraska’s Mr. Basketball and was rated a 4 star recruit by ESPN. He scored 50 points in a HS just days after scoring 44 points the game before. Donovan has battled injuries but always fought the fight and found his way back to the gym.

luke avdalovic pro basketball player austin spurs

June 9, 2024

Episode #09

Featuring Luke Avdalovic

Professional Basketball Player for Austin Spurs in the NBA G League. Avdalovic is the epitome of discipline, hard work and playing with joy (PWJ) coming together at the right time. Luke’s college basketball career started as a walk-on at Northern Arizona University then as a scholarship player at University of Pacific then as a professional player in the NBA G League. Listen in as he talks about the importance of Preparation meeting Opportunity and why PWJ has always been his mantra.

Ednaija Lassiter - Heavy Hearted Convos -Basketball Coach-Former College Player

June 2, 2024

Episode #08

Featuring Ednaija Lassiter

Founder of Heavy Hearted Convos & Basketball Coach and Former College Player. Ednaija (Nay Nay) has been around basketball her entire life. Her journey through college hoops and into coaching and mentoring players is full of ups and downs and provides her the wisdom to give back in a multitude of ways. She uses her experience to coach at Governors Academy and provides a platform with HHC for athletes to have important conversations.

Jayden Hibbert pro soccer goalkeeper

May 26, 2024

Episode #07

Featuring Jayden Hibbert

Atlanta United Football Club & Professional Soccer Goalkeeper. Jayden was drafted in the MLS at only 19 years old. His uncanny ability to let go of mistakes quickly and completely re-set is one of the traits that makes him stand out in a very competitive and packed field of players. Only 1.4% of high school soccer players make it to play college soccer. Only 0.08% of those make it to the MLS. Tune in to this week's episode to hear first-hand what it takes to find soccer greatness.

jaida nyby former professional soccer player

May 19, 2024

Episode #06

Featuring Jaida Nyby

My interest in women’s health stems from my experience as a female student athlete. In the realm of sports, athletes are expected to perform at high levels each day, and I have witnessed the difference attentive healthcare can make in a woman’s day to day life. “Playing professional soccer in Europe is a dream come true, but the road to get here had a lot of ups and downs. I try to play every day with gratitude.”

jacob newton mental health coach

May 11, 2024

Episode #05

Featuring Jacob Newton

Introducing Jacob Newton, a former professional hockey player turned mental health advocate and coach with a wealth of experience and passion to his role as a contributor at Hosting the RAV Podcast Series on SportsEpreneur, Jacob shares his personal journey of self-healing and mental health, aiming to inspire others to prioritize their emotional well-being. Dave Severns worked for the NBA - most specifically the LA Clippers (2016 - 2021) and Chicago Bulls (2010 - 2016). “Although my upbringing was difficult and challenging, it made me the person that I am today.”