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As a mental fitness coach, parent to four athletes and a basketball coach for 25+ years, my journey across hundreds of gyms with thousands of athletes has equipped with me unique insights into overcoming challenges that many student-athletes, coaches and parents face. I candidly share these experiences, emphasizing the significance of resilience, self-belief and a winning mindset. My speeches focus on coaching the “inner coach” that’s present in everyone. I firmly believe in the power of sports to teach valuable lessons, connect humans, create glory and conquer self-doubt.  Contact me for a consultation to discuss how I can bring these insights to your event and inspire your team to reach their full potential.




~ Inspirational Stories
~ Effective Leadership Guidelines
~ Personal Development Advice
~ Empowering Mindset Building
~ Techniques for Building Resilience
~ A Call to Action and Moving Forward
~ Case Studies from 100s of Athletes
~ Amazing insights from Incredible Athletes and Coaches

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