tao ishizuka - Curry College Mens Hockey Captain and Men's Athlete of the Year 2024

Words cannot describe how grateful I am for Coach Martindale’s guidance. When I first met her, I felt as if I was done playing the sport that I loved for over 18+years.  I was not motivated to improve and showing up to the rink felt like a job. I was very skeptical of mental fitness coaching initially, but only after a couple sessions, my mentality towards hockey totally changed. I was motivated more than ever to get better, I wanted to be at the rink. Meeting with Linda gave me my confidence back and ultimately, I fell back in love with the game. She has the unique ability to listen and help you, but at the same time encourage you to suck it up and challenge yourself. Before meeting Linda, I was set on hanging up the skates after my senior college season and now I am continuing to play after college at the professional level. I can confidently say that without Linda’s coaching I would not have had the same success.

~Tao Ishizuka, Curry College
Mens Hockey Captain and
 Men’s Athlete of the Year 2024

Linda exudes so much confidence and bad ass energy, which I always think is good for young coaches to see.

~College Coach and Tara VanDerveer Fellow

She has approached the topic of Mental Wellness from a different angle and it has been a great success amongst my coaches and more importantly, our student-athletes.

~Vinnie Eruzione, Athletic Director, Curry College

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“I am incredibly grateful for Linda’s guidance. She has empowered me to gain self-confidence and embrace new possibilities. With her support and insightful guidance, I have transformed my mindset and achieved significant personal growth. Her ability to challenge me and hold me accountable has been instrumental in propelling me towards success. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a life-changing coaching experience.”

~Margo Pearson

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“Linda Martindale has a unique ability to simultaneously comfort and challenge. Everyone wants a person who will listen and sympathize. Rightfully so. However, I believe the true mark of a great coach is someone who challenges you. Linda listens empathetically and tactfully explains how to overcome roadblocks. Whatever it may be, it won’t be an easy feat, but Linda will encourage you and instill the confidence you need to take on life’s challenges. I’m grateful for her support and guidance over the years, and I can confidently say she has played an instrumental role in shaping the woman I am today.”

~Megan Chunias
Columbus, OH

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I played for Coach Martindale for many years. She pushed me to leverage my skills and overall mindset to expand my game and become more well-rounded. I saw her develop my teammates in a similar way, leveraging each of their unique skills and personalities. I can confidently say she has been the most impactful coach in my life.

~Kyle O’Connell
University of Michigan

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“Linda has the ability to make you feel as though you’ve known her for years. She’s authentic, relatable and really helps you think deeper about your goals and even tribulations and how to get through them and achieve the success and happiness you’re looking for. She has helped me recognize my strengths I didn’t even realize I had, along with helping me with my self-confidence and self-worth to the point where no challenge ahead, seems too big for me to conquer anymore.”

~Infiniti Thomas-Waheed
Boston, MA

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I can’t express how grateful I am to have worked with Linda Martindale, both on and off the courts. She’s been an incredible mentor. Linda’s unique ability to understand me as a person, not just a client, provided me with the safe space I needed to overcome my doubts and fears. Her determination and guidance helped me unlock my potential and gain the confidence to pursue my goals. If you’re seeking guidance, I highly recommend reaching out to Linda; she’s not only an exceptional basketball coach but also a remarkable life coach who truly understands individuals and helps them realize their full potential. Linda has had an amazing impact on my life, and I’m truly thankful for it.

~Larry Foy

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“As a business colleague of Linda’s for over 20 years, I have witnessed her natural talent for coaching and motivating her teams to be their best. With her strong leadership and communication skills, our corporate dynamics have changed to be better positioned for success. Her straightforward approach and inspirational leadership have been highly beneficial to me through the years and I believe that her coaching brings out the best in people.”

~Denise Gould
Eliot, ME

“She kept me accountable to myself. Her boost of energy and interesting way to look at things kept me motivated to push forward.”


“Her honest feedback and encouragement led me to my goals and gave me the confidence I needed to make positive changes in my life.”