How Tos

This page is just for you! I’ll be adding instructional videos and content here for your reference only.

Uploading Images

Never just upload a photo to your website without first optimizing the image. Here are links to the websites used for this tutorial. It’s a 3 step process.

  1. Aspect ratio (900x600px featured blog image size)
  2. Crop to correct size needed
  3. Optimize image file size (300kb and below is optimal)

Create Blog Post

Follow this video for instruction on how to create your own blog post. 

  1. Optimize ALL images. (ratio, crop, optimize file size, save as jpeg)
  2. Create New Post, Title & Save Draft.
  3. Upload OPTIMIZED featured image & give an alt tag in the media library.
  4. Add inline content & PUBLISH for live or Save Draft if it’s not finalized.
  • Featured Image Size (900x600px)
  • All other inline blog images (max 1000px for the longest dimension)

Calendly Settings

Here’s a little information on how to manage your Calendly account.