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Student-Athlete Mental Fitness

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The Athlete’s Mind: How to maintain Peak Performance with Mental Resilience

This workshop is designed to equip college athletes with strategies and tools to manage performance anxiety and enhance mental wellness resilience. This session will combine practical techniques, discussions and activities to help athletes optimize their mental fitness and improve overall performance on and off the field.

  • Understanding Performance Anxiety. Define and recognize the signs and symptoms.
  • Mental Health Prevention: Let’s get in front of common stressors for athletes such as: limited playing time, not meeting coaches’ expectations, not meeting parents’ expectations, recovering and returning from injury, difficult team dynamics and balancing academics with athletics.
  • Techniques for Managing Stress and Built-up Anxiety.
  • Goal-setting and Mindful Performance. Discuss the role of mindfulness in enhancing focus.
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Optimizing Team Dynamics: Thriving Together in College Sports

This workshop is designed to enhance communication skills within a team to create an environment of cohesion, trust and respect.

  • Discuss Team Goals and How to Cultivate a Shared Vision.
  • Develop Strategies for Potential Conflicts and Constructive Feedback. (For example: What happens when you are competing with your roommate for playing time?)
  • How to Promote accountability and responsibility on the team. Are the team rules meant for everyone?
  • Discuss how to enhance communication skills among team members.
  • Create a Competitive Environment that is driven by team goals.
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Empowering Confidence and Unleashing Potential in College Student- Athletes

This workshop is designed to help student-athletes understand the importance of being competitive vs working hard in developing confidence on and off the field.

  • Identify factors that influence an athlete’s confidence or lack thereof.
  • What is the difference between “working hard” and “competing”?
  • Develop strategies to build and maintain confidence.
  • Practice techniques to overcome setbacks and self-doubt.
  • Explore the “Confidence-Competence Loop”
  • What does a team environment look like that is conducive to building confidence and growth.
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Captains Workshop: Cultivating
Leadership in Team Sports

This workshop is designed to work with Captains or Leaders of teams and help them to understand the roles and responsibilities of their leadership.

  • Who are you without your sport? Discuss feelings of identity loss and how to feel connected without your sport.
  • Discuss Teamwork and Collaboration outside of college sports.
  • What does a “winning mindset” look like now?
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