Girls Embracing Jealousy

Embracing Jealousy and Removing Shame

I am a jealous person. I always have been. I used to feel shame admitting that, but now I find jealousy to be a motivator. To be honest, I always preferred the term “green with envy” as it sounds a little more delicate. Jealousy is a word often associated with negativity, insecurity and toxic behavior. We were always told to avoid it, suppress it, pretend we didn’t feel it.

But what if we approach jealousy from a different angle?

What if we dare to explore its underlying message and learn from it?

Maybe even become motivated by it. Yes, I’m saying you can embrace your jealousy.

Let’s reconsider jealousy. Let’s embrace it as an opportunity for growth and self reflection rather than treating it like a bad and dirty little word….

I think that jealousy used to be smothered in shame because we festered in silence. Jealousy often thrives in silence, intensifying negative emotions and even damaging relationships.

So let’s open up those windows and really talk about it.

Expressing your feelings of jealousy in a compassionate and non-confrontational manner allows for deeper connections, empathy (the antithesis of jealousy) and the possibility of finding motivation and personal growth.  Okay, read that again. That’s a big pill to swallow. But think about it. Jealousy doesn’t have to be so horrible and shameful. You can do it. You can embrace your jealousy.

Admitting to feeling jealous and even saying it out loud diminishes its power. Rather than allowing jealousy to fester, we should be open and honest about it. Sharing our feelings of jealousy with trusted friends can help foster understanding. By expressing our insecurities and jealousy, we are creating space for constructive dialogue and the possibility of finding solutions that benefit everyone.

Jealousy often shows it’s little green face when we compare ourselves to others and perceive their achievements as a threat to our own self-worth.

Come on girls, let’s stop doing that.

Let’s choose to reframe our mindset and celebrate the achievements of others. Embracing a mindset of abundance can help dissolve the negative parts of jealousy. Celebrating someone else’s success can also give us a sense of joy and inspiration instead. Now doesn’t that sound more pleasant.

OK, now let’s strip jealousy of its shame and turn it into a catalyst for personal growth. By understanding what’s causing your jealousy and challenging it, we can transform our jealousy into something motivating. Let’s embrace your jealousy. Find meaning in this complex emotion with compassion and self-acceptance. Let’s use jealousy as a motivator instead. It is so much more empowering that way.

Believe me, I have practiced this a lot.

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Written by Linda Martindale

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