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Getting Unstuck: A journey towards getting $&@! done

Feeling stuck is a common human experience that often manifests as a mental roadblock,
hindering us from moving forward in life. Whether it’s in our careers, relationships, or personal
growth, the sensation of being trapped can be overwhelming and frustrating. In this blog, I will
explore some strategies and mindset shifts to help you get unstuck and unlock your potential for
personal breakthroughs.

1. The first step in getting unstuck is to recognize the signs of “being stuck” in your life.  What
does it feel like?  Try asking yourself if you are actually feeling unmotivated, or unfulfilled or
unable to make progress towards whatever task or goal you are trying to accomplish. Okay,
deep breath.  Now identify these emotions and acknowledge them so that you can change your
perspective and push forward.

2. Identify the root cause.  Understanding the underlying cause of feeling stuck is critical for
addressing the issue. Think about some of these possibilities:  is it fear of failure? Maybe you’re
a perfectionist? Or perhaps it’s lack of clarity on what needs to be done? There could be other
factors like unsupportive people (are those friends really helping?) or an environment that is
feeling totally uninspiring. Reflect on what might be holding you back and try to be really honest
with yourself.

3.  Embrace Self Love.  Yes, I said self love.  You may want to skip over this step. It may sound
a little cheesy. But being stuck can be frustrating and you need to remember to be kind to
yourself throughout this process.  Avoid self criticism and instead focus on encouraging yourself
through whatever challenges are coming your way.

4.  Set small and achievable goals.  Baby steps, people.  Breakdown your bigger goals into
smaller and achievable tasks. This approach makes things more manageable and will reduce

5.  Find an amazing coach. Okay, that one seems self-fulfilling. But seriously, seek support from
trusted friends and family.

6.  Cultivate a growth mindset. This one is difficult but very important. Adopting a growth
mindset can be transformative. Your mind is everything after all. Thinking positively and find
gratitude which will empower you to see setbacks as a chance to improve and evolve. If you
can’t do any of the other steps, do this one. You will be grateful that you did.

Getting unstuck requires patience and determination. If you get frustrated, go back up to
number one and start again. It’ll be worth it. You’re worth it.

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Written by Linda Martindale

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